Indicators Of Paragraph `s Idea

When we did our development that would be at night cuz you know when I when I was putting this together I was gonna have you to do it well I figured out that will take too much time sooo let’s see I want to read that and tell me because this we starting ourRead More

Communication In Your Work

Hundreds of years after Mozart died we are replaying his memes right his ideas we actually go to concert halls to hear people read his papers well they they play it right and of course the the act of performance is important as well but it is well remarkable if people are going to hearRead More

IELTS Success: Writing Effective Paragraphs

What we’re talking about today is writing paragraphs. And I’m going to give you a structure you can use in the IELTS writing paper, in the discursive essay section. And you can also use what I’m teaching you today in the CAE exam, but also more generally in discursive essays because people who don’t haveRead More

Help Essay: How not to be a sleeping student

Getting a good night’s sleep in college is really important, as it will make you feel much more energetic and eager to learn the following day. When in college, you need a good amount of sleep so that both your brain and body can rest and be ready to concentrate on important information the nextRead More

How to Prepare For An Exam

As a student, we are bound to take the exam or test periodically. We all want to pass a test. However, do you know effective ways to study for a test? Are you the type that crams or the ones that has a system? If you are a student or a parent of a studentRead More


Toni Morrison “Recitatif”

Find a few of your favorite examples of lyrical writing from “Recitatif.” Choose one or two of these and analyze the language, imagery, or simply the sounds of the words (in the way you might explicate a poem). (This is also called “close reading.”) Discuss the significance of the passage (or passages) in relation toRead More

Melissa Bank “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing”

In the story “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing,” how does Melissa Bank play with our concepts of a traditional romance? (In case you’ve forgotten, Pride and Prejudice is an example of a traditional romance. It’s comic, there are obstacles to union or some sort of antagonism between the heroine and the love interest,Read More